Re-charge your batteries out in the nature

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Re-charge your batteries out in the nature

“Looking at beauty in the world, is the first step of purifying the mind”, states Amit Ray an Indian author and spiritual master. The beautiful colors, the twittering of birds, different smells, and a fresh breeze, all that enables us to re-charge our batteries.

Spending time out in nature, or even viewing photos and paintings of nature, reduces anger, fear and stress. It actually increases delightful feelings. Public health researchers Stamatakis and Mitchell wrote 2011 in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology (, that being exposed to nature makes you feel emotionally better, it reduces blood pressure, muscle tensions, and astonishingly it even may reduce mortality.

Have you experienced similar effects while spending time in nature or viewing lovely nature photos?

Re-charge your batteries out in the nature
Re-charge your batteries out in the nature
Re-charge your batteries out in the nature
Re-charge your batteries out in the nature

Positive effect

It is a legitimate question to ask, if there are even more positive effects for us when enjoying nature? For sure there are. Nature can help us to cope better with pain. Because we are genetically programmed to be fascinated by trees, plants, water, and animals. So, when we are enjoying nature we are absorbed by its beauty and distracted form our pain and discomfort.

Realistically it is not possible for everyone to visit a nature reserve, much less, to just go out of the house. But as we have found out even observing a beautiful photo or picture of nature has a positive impact on our well being. A study that was implemented in the UK and documented in 2007 the magazine Mind (1) found out that the mood of the interviewed improved after contemplating nature images. Their mood changed from feeling depressed, stressed and anxious to more calm and balanced. Obviously the even bigger benefit is when spending time in real nature. The study states that nature relaxes, gets us think about different things and broadens our horizon.

“The biggest benefit for your health can be achieved if spending time in nature!”

Re-charge your batteries out in the nature
Re-charge your batteries out in the nature

Our brain responds

The book „Landscape and urban planning” describes a study that researchers have conducted using fMRI (Functional magnetic resonance imaging) to measure brain activity when participants viewed different images. The parts of the brain that associates with empathy and love, lit up when viewing nature scenes. But when they viewed urban scenes, the brain associated with fear and anxiety.

The summary of all this interesting information is, that nature heals, nature soothes and nature restores.

At the very moment while you are reading this, are you sitting at home or are you in the office? This is a perfect opportunity to make use of the lessons learned. I encourage you to benefit immediately from these lines by consciously viewing the beautiful photos that complete this article. A big thanks to the photographer Emanuel Paul (

And please, share your experiences and thoughts with me and others. Make use of the blog comment box and tell us your opinion and/or experience to this interesting topic.

Enjoy nature!


[1] Mind Organization (2007), Ecotherapy: The green agenda for mental health. UK, Mind Publications


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