The sunshine vitamin

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The sunshine vitamin

How fortunate we are living in a place with approximately 350 day’s sunshine per year. Now it is up to us to take advantage of the sunshine and boost ourselves with vitamin D. Sadly over 50% of the population worldwide suffers of vitamin D insufficiency called Hypovitaminosis D.

Lifestyle has changed a lot. For example our outdoor activities decreased and we have more air pollution – factors that influence the intake of vitamin D. And, we literally block our skin with sunscreen what makes the sunshine impossible to enter our body. Not meaning to do without at all. A good balance is the solution.

The sunshine vitamin

Sunflower in the sunshine

Effect on health

What`s the importance of the sunshine vitamin? It is responsible for regulating the absorption of calcium and phosphorous, and facilitating normal immune system function. It plays a major role in the life cycle of human cells. That’s not all. Researches show that Vitamin D increases our chance of developing heart disease (Article published 2008 in National Center for Biotechnology Information). And there is more to come. Sufficient Vitamin D prevents us of influenza and depression.

“Over 50% of the population worldwide suffers of vitamin D insufficiency (Hypovitaminosis D).”

Is it just the sun that provides us naturally with Vitamin D? No. There are some foods that contain Vitamin D. Fortunately it is easy for us living in the Algarve to get Sardines, Shrimps and Salmon. Also egg yolk, milk and yogurt provide the sunshine vitamin.

In that case I say: Enjoy the sun and enjoy a delicious healthy meal.



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