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“The customer’s request is central for us. Quality and reliability is our creed.”

Anne Paul


On the way of becoming an experienced professional nurse I worked in Switzerland in different hospitals, institutions and wards. After graduating in 2004 as a general registered nurse I worked at the University Hospital Zurich and at the Zurich City Hospital.

2012 I completed In Bern my Diploma in Health promotion and Prevention. I deepened my knowledge in Geriatric care and worked as Nursing Quality Manager at one of the largest Nursing homes in Aargau Switzerland.

Nursing is my passion.

Emanuel Paul


My professional roots lie in the finance branch, to be precise in the insurance branch. I first worked as a sales representative, then as a project manager and a team leader.

Efficient processes and avoiding idle times are very important to me. Combining those priorities with my technical affinity I make good use for Paul Homecare. For instance running errands, doing practical activities in or around the house, or supporting with computer technology, mobile communication, the internet, or with consumer electronics.

In contrast to my previous and rather abstract occupation, I enjoy to be able to have the possibility here in Portugal to dedicate myself to more practical tasks that focus on people.